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Aware of the importance of the Roman Empire in the history of Europe, the Via de La Plata Route (Spain) has taken the initiative to promote a candidature –open to all sites of the ancient Roman Empire– for a major European Cultural Route. This candidature will take the form of a network to develop a European Cultural Tourism offer based on Roman Heritage and would include all the routes, towns, cities and archaeological sites that preserve Roman heritage in every aspect related to its architecture, engineering and culture.

The ultimate goal is to establish a large network of sites that jointly coordinate tourist and cultural activities at major Roman heritage destinations. This network would encompass all those states belonging to the Council of Europe that preserve Roman remains open to the public, as well as other sites in the Middle East and North Africa.

The idea is to set up a European Roman Heritage Federation open to all public authorities, cultural associations, institutions and businesses that manage the heritage and/or tourism of archaeological sites, local and regional routes, historical re-enactments and art festivals, visits to sites, or related activities.

Once the network is established, the Via de la Plata Route will lead a European Cultural Route project to be presented to the European Institute of Cultural Routes (www.culture-routes.net), which will subsequently be defended as a candidate route before the Governing Board of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes.

To incorporated to this initiative only it is necessary download the attached application form, fill it and send it by e-mail: info@iter-romanum.eu

Resolution 53 / 2010 : CM/Res(2010)53

Resolution 66 / 2013:  CM/Res(2013)66

Resolution 67 / 2013:  CM/Res(2013)67


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