Autor photo Gianluca Baronchelli.

Italy Aquileia

Autor photo Gianluca Baronchelli.

Historical Background

One of the biggest cities of the Roman Empire, one of the liveliest communities of the early latin - Christianity, one of the most important ancient bridges of the Adriatic, starting point of the main commercial, cultural and military roads towards north-east Europe. Aquileia, founded by the Romans in 181 B.C., cultural city and crossway of religions, nominal seat of an episcopacy and a patriarchy, since more than a century is giving its treasures back: the luxurious monuments of the imperial city, the wonderful floor mosaics of the Basilica, of the basement Oratory, of the very rich Domus, the small everyday objects. The Aquileia Foundation, subsidiary of the Ministery of cultural assets and activities, of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, of the City of Aquileia, of the Province of Udine and of the Archdiocese of Gorizia, was born in 2008 to enhance the extraordinary archaeological heritage of Aquileia, UNESCO site since 1998.

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